Motivation, determination, and the meaning of life came to Detroiter Brenda Perryman early in life. At the tender age of 18, she had been a college freshman all of three weeks when she found herself a passenger in a car that spun out of control on a Michigan highway.

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Voter's speak. Share your voice on November 6, 2012. Impact the Vote! - watch video

20D20 - Detroit History....

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Casting Director
Excellent at script and character analysis and pairing the role with the right actor

Public Speaker
Great Mistress of Ceremonies; Sensitivity and a sense of Humor

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The adventure is in the journey and the journey has only begun.

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Brenda Perryman's Actors Source Workshop

  1. Private coaching consists of Private One-On-One Training for aspiring actors, professionals & established star level performers (needs assessment will be given)
    • Cold Reading and Auditioning Skills
    • Exploring transitions
    • Monologue Preparation
    • Improvisation Techniques and Exercises
    • Tapping and Exploring your Emotional Depths
    • Acting Tactics and Objectives
    • Timing, Rhythm, and Control
    • Expanding your Acting Range with Character Work
    • Eliminating Vocal Tics and Speech Impediments
    • Text Analysis and Interpretation of sides
  2. Beginning Actors Workshops (Limit 4-6 students) consists of:
    • Pantomime/authentic movement
    • Theatre games
    • Articulation
    • Developing Concentration
    • Developing observation
    • Utilizing motivation
    • Beginning improvisation
    • Beginning Character Development
    • Memorization
    • Scene study
  3. Intermediate Actors Workshops (Limit 4-6 students) consists of:
    • Drama exercises and games
    • Character development
    • Character history exercises
    • Actors objective
    • Movement/voice
    • Emotional recall
    • Advanced improvisational exercises
    • Scene study
    • Monologue
    • Cold readings

Private coaching – Beginning late September.

  • 6 week package $150 / Non-package fee $35 per session
  • Each session is 90 minutes
  • Payment must be received prior to session.
  • Package session must be paid prior to first session or package price is forfeited

Workshop Fees (2-6 actors)   Beginning late October

  • 6 week package  $120
  • Each session – 75 minutes
  • Payment must be received prior to session

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A. Private Coaching
B. Beginning Actors Workshop
C. Intermediate Actors Workshop

Workshops are small and private coaching availability is limited.

  • (B) Beginning Actors Workshop and (C) Intermediate Actors Workshop; are offered on SATURDAYS;
  • (A) Private coaching dates and times TBA
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